Formerly: International Evangelical English Church.


Where on earth is Gran Canaria?

The island of Gran Canaria is situated approximately 150km (90miles) off the coast of North Africa and lies just north of the tropic of cancer.

The church meets in Playa del Inglés and in Puerto Rico, both in the south of the island.

The congregation varies depending on the time of year. There are residents who regularly worship with us and throughout the year we welcome many visitors.

If you or any of your friends or family are visiting, do please come and see us. It would be great to meet you.

When and where do we meet in Playa del Inglés?

Sunday at 10:00am.

Click here to find our Playa del Inglés venue on Google Maps.

In Playa del Inglés we meet in The Centro Ecuménico which is a room on the right hand side of the Templo Ecuménico. 

The entrance (pictured above) is opposite the Kasbah Shopping Centre. Centro Ecuménico is written over the door.

The entrance is on Calle Malaga which is the pedestrianised street running between the Kasbah Centre and the Templo Ecuménico.

When and where do we meet in Puerto Rico?

Sunday at 12:30pm

Click here to find our Puerto Rico venue on Google Maps.

In Puerto Rico we meet in the premises of the Tskandinaviske Turistkirken

(Scandinavian tourist church) which is at the rear of the original Puerto Rico shopping centre

The entrance is on Calle de la Gomera which is the street/car park running around to the back of the centre from McDonalds.